Ingrown Toenails

When a toenail is ingrown, the sides or corners of the toenail curl down and dig into the skin, causing swelling, pain, soreness, and redness. If left untreated, an ingrown toenail can progress to an infection or even an abscess that requires surgical treatment.

When a toenail grows into the soft flesh of the toe, it becomes “ingrown”.  Ingrown toenails may be caused by an injury to the toenail; cutting the toenail too short or incorrectly or wearing tight-fitting shoes that crowd your toes. People with diabetes or other circulation problems that affect the feet should consult a podiatrist immediately if an ingrown toenail is suspected.

Board Certified Podiatric Surgeon, David P. Rosenzweig, DPM, PC, commonly treats patients with ingrown toenails at his Rye Brook (Westchester County) office.

Signs and symptoms of an ingrown toenail include:

  • Pain and tenderness in your toe along one or both sides of the nail
  • Redness around your toenail
  • Swelling of your toe around the nail
  • Infection of the tissue around your toenail

What is an ingrown toenail?

  • Onychocryptosis (ingrowing nail) is a very common nail disorder
  • A large number of our patients come to the office of Dr. David Rosenzweig for this very reason as he is highly specialized in this area
  • It is very painful, can show inflammation, pus and redness
  • The end of your nail ‘digs into’ the skin

What causes ingrown toenails?

  • Poor nail cutting technique
  • Involuted / curved nail
  • Previous ingrown nail
  • A section of the nail is ‘spiked’ into the skin
  • Ripped nail
  • Sports where there is fast stopping e.g. tennis
  • Footwear
  • High heels
  • Stockings
  • Genetics
  • Nail disease or trauma

Contact Dr. Rosenzweig if your ingrown toenail symptoms do not go away on their own in a reasonable period, if you are in pain or if you notice an infection. If you have diabetes or another health problem that affects your circulation, contact Dr. Rosenzweig immediately for treatment of your ingrown nail even if your symptoms are mild.

To make an appointment with David P. Rosenzweig, Board Certified in Podiatric Surgery to treat your ingrown toenails, please contact us:.

Advanced Footcare Center
90 South Ridge Street
Rye Brook, New York 10573
T: (914) 937-7077

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