Orthotics are orthopedic inserts designed to treat or adjust various biomechanical foot disorders as designed by a podiatrist. 

Dr. David Rosenzweig provides custom orthotic fabrication for a wide variety of conditions including:

  • Flat feet
  • Pronated feet
  • Low arches
  • Fasciitis / heel spur syndrome
  • Arthritis
  • Limb length inequalities

Someone may also benefit from orthotic use if they are experiencing persistent pain or other symptoms in their lower back, hip, knee, leg, ankle, heel, foot or toes.

In addition, orthotics can be helpful in cases of pain that last more than 3 months in the knees. Children and adolescents may benefit from custom orthoses for an excessively high arched foot (Pes Cavus), or an excessively low arched foot (Pes Planus).

Dr. Rosenzweig’s service includes a full evaluation and gait or running analysis. Dr. Rosenzweig uses various custom casting techniques to provide the most effective orthotics for your specific situation.

There is a wide selection of material available to provide the most comfortable and effective orthotic. We also make recommendations for over-the-counter orthotics as necessary.

A biomechanical orthotic is not your fathers’ arch support……it is a state or the art device, with is now made from a computerized scan of the foot held in the neutral (or 20/20) position. This allows the device to capture the correct relationship of the front to the rear foot and foot to the lower leg. By loading the foot (simulating weight bearing) the bones and joints or the foot align properly, allowing the foot to function sequentially in a more normal manner, thereby reducing mechanical stress through the entire body.

Orthotic devices are often made from several different materials providing adequate support and cushioning to increase comfort while wearing dress or athletic shoe gear. Devices are often recommended for children (usually by age 4) adults as well as seniors.

Orthotic devices made at The Advanced Footcare Center are custom-made to the doctor’s specific prescription. The scan is sent via WIFI to one of several very reputable laboratories and returned to be dispensed within 2 weeks to the patient.

We are so confident in the quality of our orthotic devices that we give you an unconditional guarantee with every pair we make.

Please call the office for your own personal evaluation and scan today.

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